Official modules

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This section is about official Primate modules that you can use. If you're interested in how to write a module yourself, refer to Extending Primate.

Primate's official modules are supported and maintained by the Primate team and published under the @primate namespace on NPM. They address common use cases and include handlers for popular frontend frameworks, transactionalized data stores for various database systems, user sessions and bundling.

Like Primate itself, the official modules are licensed under the MIT license.


Handler modules extend Primate's component support to popular frontend frameworks such as Svelte, React, Solid, Vue or HTMX. They register new file types that allow you to write components for these frameworks and use them with the view handler.


Primate's store modules add a dimension of data persistence to your app. They enhance the request object that is passed to your route functions with transactions, allowing you to commit and rollback data changes automatically.


Modules that do not fit in the first two categories.